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Who We Are

Associated to Export Genius, we are a leading market research source of Philippines import and export trade data. We have a group of specialized database professionals who manage latest statistics on trading activities of the Philippines and other global countries. Since business inception in 2011, we have been serving quality and competitive-priced market research products and services.

Who We Are

What We Do

We collect raw and messy import-export data of Philippines from Filipino Customs, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We upload this data into our database and our database experts clean this raw data in order to provide error-free, structured and accurate data in excel format. Our Philippines shipment data is based on Shipping Bills, Export Bills, Invoices and other operational documents required in import-export business.

What We Do

What We Serve

We serve the following market research services:

  • Philippines Import Data

    Our import data of Philippines is covered with shipping details of commodities that are imported by the country via Sea, Air & Road. It is useful in having a wider perspective about market and its components such as product, HS code, price, company, port, value, quantity, etc. Read More.

  • Philippines Export Data

    Export data of Philippines contains in-depth information about shipments that depart from country’s ports via Sea, Air & Road. It gives a comprehensive outlook of country’s market and its components such as product, HS code, quantity, value, company, etc. Read More.

Why Choose Us

We are No.1 choice for importers, exporters, logistics companies, business experts, financial institutions, media groups, NGOs and other business holders as we provide useful data and quality market research services.

  • Expertise in Market Research From our founders who began their business journey in 2011 to our database specialists, the combination of their expertise in market research has built and continues to maintain the world’s largest platform for import-export data of Philippines and other countries.
  • Excellent Customer Service Our qualified and experienced sales representatives give timely response to queries of our clients through online chat, telephone and e-mail. We strictly commit to provide excellent customer service.
  • Verified & Authentic Data We are ISO-certified market research company. We ensure that our database with million records adheres to the highest standards for accuracy and completeness. Our database team of professionals cross check every shipping detail received from our multiple sources before delivering to our clients.
  • Timely-update Data Our standard time of updating Philippines trade statistics database is 30 days. This means you will get latest import-export statistics of Philippines in every month.
  • Comprehensive Shipment Details We provide Philippines import export data in two different formats – Single Side Data (Type 1) and Both Side Data (Type 2). Type 1 contains Philippines trading companies only and Type 2 contains both Philippines and foreign companies, besides other fields.
  • Wider Trade Coverage Apart from Philippines, our database also covers international trade data of 60+ countries. You can analyse our data and report on the basis of commodity, country, company, port, value, quantity, etc.
  • Historical Data Available We make Philippines trade data available from 2008 to our clients. Our database contains historical data and its duration varies from country to country.
  • Value-added Fields Besides database and sales team, we also have a team of specialists who design market research reports on commodities that are traded by the Philippines. These reports are provided in Excel spreadsheets after putting value-added fields such as company, port, value, quantity, brand, model, etc. and with graphics in the right format.
  • Competitive Price We offer competitive price with discounts on bulk data based on subscription period.

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